Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's All About THE VIEW, Baby!

After 15 months--yes, FIFTEEN MONTHS--from our last trip, we finally made it back to Costa Rica! Wow, that was way too long, and we hope to NEVER repeat that mistake again! It sure felt good to be back. This time we had one daughter (the other two now have jobs, and they could not get the time off), our daughter's friend, and another couple with us for the ride. The couple had heard us talking about how great Costa Rica was, and so they decided to come see for themselves. More on that later . . .

Picture of Highway 34 in Costa Rica
Highway 34 in Costa Rica--I think this part is 40 mph--WHY??
After the journey from Los Angeles to San Jose (Costa Rica) to Ojochal, we were a bit worn out. It's not too bad of a flight (about 5 1/2 hours), but it's that last leg from San Jose to Ojochal that seems to wear me down the most. I think it's the speed limit that does it for me. It's usually anywhere from 40 to 80 kilometers per hour, which for us Americans equals a whopping 25 to 50 miles per hour! At that speed, it takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to Ojochal. Sometimes I feel like I could walk there faster! When you're used to driving 65-75 mph in the States, it can be torturous ... having to go 25 mph ... on a main highway ... on perfect roads ... with no other cars in sight. Sure, we've bumped up the speed sometimes, but we're not too keen on getting pulled over for speeding in a foreign country, so we tend to keep it right about the speed limit.

So, we finally arrived in Ojochal! We rented a house from Ojochal Vacation Rentals again, and we followed them up to the house. We had been told the house we rented had a fantastic ocean view, but we were not prepared for how gorgeous it really was!

View of the ocean from a house in Ojochal, Costa Rica
Any takers on those chairs?

Here's a video of the view (you'll also hear toucans and a touch of thunder):

Can you see why all the stress of getting there just melted away?!

It truly was a sight for sore eyes. Now to get back to the couple who came down with us, although it's getting ahead of the story a little bit, on our last day in Ojochal as we were preparing to leave, they turned to us and said, "You sure undersold this!" Costa Rica had worked her magic on them, too.

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