Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bugs, Beach, and Bad Hamburger

Ojochal, Costa Rica Vacation Day 7       April 12, 2012

Gary and I were again up with the sun and birds at 5:30, so we decided to go for another walk before the heat set in. We checked out the new house down the hill from our property, and admired the work being done. It's nice seeing houses starting to pop up around the development.

Today was another rest day, so after breakfast, we took a road trip around our development. While out looking at houses, we met Jan & Sonya who invited us into their home and gave us the grand tour. After leaving their place, we ran into Keith who was checking up on another home. He invited us over to peek through the windows of Dan & Lisle's house. Very nice! By the way, Dan writes a great blog about their Costa Rica adventures here. Be sure to check it out!

picture of custom house in Ojochal, Costa Rica
Dan & Lisle's House
 While there, I happened across a couple of interesting insects. The first was this caterpillar:

 Then this poor fellow. He was no longer of this world, but I couldn't resist taking a picture. I believe he was a cicada.

After finishing up our impromptu tour, we got ready for our lunch date with friends Jerry and Susanne at the Ballena Beach Club. I have to laugh at the name "Beach Club" because in my head it conjures up images of sail boats and yuppies flaunting their wealth. There wasn't a sail boat or yuppie around. In fact, it's just a nice, small restaurant only a short walk from the beach.

picture of Ballena Beach Club in Costa Rica
Ballena Beach Club
After lunch we walked to the beach for some more talk, relaxation, and my favorite--body surfing.

Picture of Ballena Beach, Costa Rica
Ballena Beach
Eventually it was time to head back. On the way back, we stopped at a roadside stand and grabbed some pipa fria before heading back up to the house. Pipa fria is a young coconut that has been chilled. When you order it, they chop off the top (usually with a machete), then stick a straw in it--pure coconut water! I'm sure you've seen bottled coconut water here in the States, but there it's fresh! It's available just about everywhere in Costa Rica for about $1-$2 per coconut.

Pipa Fria--Yum!
For dinner, we had planned on eating the hamburger meat we had left over from one of our grocery trips. We had MUCHO left over. "Why?" you ask? Because they use kilograms here instead of pounds. Gary was in charge of buying the meat, and a "very helpful" Gringo customer at the meat counter told him that one kilo was about 1/2 pound--it's actually the other way around. So Gary ordered 4 kilograms (thinking he'd get about 2 pounds), but instead he ended up with almost 9 pounds of ground beef. YIKES! When he came walking over to the shopping cart with a huge plastic bag bulging with ground beef I just starting laughing. Unfortunately when we pulled the remaining meat out tonight, it had gone bad. Bye bye, almost 7 pounds of ground beef! So we settled for grilled cheese, salad, garlic bread, and pineapple. Not too bad!



  1. Pipa frias are the best :)
    When I saw "bad hamburgers" I thought you might be writing about the lack of good hamburger joints in Costa Rica. I'm always searching for good burgers. My red meat intake has drastically reduced since I moved here. has my cholesterol level :/

    1. That's what I hear--once you're living down there it seems most people eat better and are able to come off many medications since their diet/lifestyle has changed for the better! I know two friends that that has happened to. I'm so looking forward to that!