Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Costa Rican Tamales for Christmas

I'm taking a short break from blogging about our last trip to share this video we stumbled across. Many people are aware that tamales are a Christmas tradition in Mexico, but did you know they are also a tradition in Costa Rica? This video takes you into a Costa Rican home as they prepare their Christmas tamales. It's quite interesting to watch.

The video was made by Kimberly Beck, an American who moved with her husband to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica on a farm they manage themselves. Her blog, 10 Degrees Above, has great information on living in Costa Rica, and I've found it useful to read through many of her posts in preparation for our eventual move. The blog is also full of gorgeous pictures from Costa Rica as well. Be sure to check out their Photography Workshops in Costa Rica and their online store featuring cool products with their photographic images on them.

I want to take this time to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! I hope you will be spending it with those you love. Is anyone going somewhere special? Leave a comment below to let us know where, and with whom, you'll be spending your Christmas this year!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Scary Walk to the Beach

Ojochal, Costa Rica Vacation Day 5     April 10, 2012

Gary and I started the day bright and early with a 5:30 am walk! The sun was up, the birds were singing, and we wanted to get some exercise, so we headed out while the three girls stayed in bed, fast asleep. We walked up the hill past our lot, then down toward Dave & Helene's house where we had gone for Easter dinner a few days earlier (see previous post). Dave was out walking with his dog, so we stopped to chat for a bit. I also happened to spot this cool beetle with bright orange spots!

Photo of colorful beetle in Ojochal, Costa Rica
Colorful Costa Rican Beetle

I really would never have considered myself a bug person before coming to Costa Rica, but there are so many interesting types of bugs here! Now I get excited when I see something cool and different.

The rest of the day was spent with another couple we had met last time we were here in Ojochal--Rad and Renate. Last year, they had purchased property, and this year, they had made the move from Florida to Costa Rica!

They took us to Playa Ballena which is an absolutely gorgeous beach. But as is usually the case, the best spots are often the hardest to get to!

Photo of Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
Walk to Playa Ballena

Would you have walked across this bridge to get there?

Photo of boardwalk Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
Bridge to Playa Ballena

 We took the chance, and I must say it was a little scary on some parts:

Photo of walk to Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
The boardwalk was pretty long and dilapidated!

 But, the beach was well worth the walk down the broken boardwalk:

Photo of Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
Playa Ballena, Costa Rica

Photo of Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
Playa Ballena, Costa Rica

Photo of Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
Our friends, their dog, and the girls on the beach

Photo of Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
Ahna & Chloe took off on a walk

Photo of Playa Ballena, or Ballena Beach, in Costa Rica
Looking back towards Playa Ballena.

Did you notice we were the only ones on that huge beach?! What a relaxing day.

Well, I guess we weren't the ONLY ones on the beach!

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After the beach, we headed over to Rad and Renate's for a light snack and some more fun conversation. What a great day we had.

By the way, we are very excited to announce that we are now representing the company that we bought our property from! So, if you have any interest in seeing if Costa Rica might be a good option for you, please check out our new website: There you will find lots of great information and even more gorgeous pictures of Costa Rica and all it has to offer. We also would love to send you a FREE, no-obligation DVD. Click here to request your free copy now!

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