Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Exploring Windows and Making New Friends

Ojochal Vacation Day 4    April 8, 2012

On Sunday, we woke up to a gorgeous Easter morning. We ate breakfast, then headed out early to Playa Ventanas, expecting to see quite a few people there due to the holiday. We were wrong--there was hardly anyone there, which was fine with us! We parked the car, then started the walk to the beach, which is quite circuitous--over a river (or should I say through the river, since the bridge was still not repaired from last year), up a steep hill, through some woods, down the other side of the hill (which was still damp from the rain and VERY slippery), then out to the beach. We were all laughing pretty hard by the time we made it--several close calls on that downward slope!

But, the beach is so worth it!

Looking to the Left

Looking to the Right
Looking back towards Land

Playa Ventanas is so named because of the windows (ventanas) in the rock. During low tide you can walk through them to the beach on the other side--if you're brave enough! I went partially in, but felt claustrophobic with the waves rushing in, the darkness inside the caves, and knowing there was a lot of rock over my head.

The Girls at the Mouth of one of the Windows
Ahna & Chloe just inside one of the Windows
Braver People about Mid-Way in the Window
I also came across this pile of beach debris that was home to a bunch of hermit crabs. There were so many, and such diversity in their shells and sizes!

While the girls and I were having fun body surfing in the waves, Gary was talking with a couple he met who were from North Carolina. They were visiting the area and really liked it a lot. They also introduced us to a short cut back to our car! Kinda took the fun out of the walk back, but it was A LOT shorter and easier.

After cleaning up at home, we headed over to Dave and Helene's house for Easter Dinner. We arrived to a good amount of ex-patriots already there--most being from Canada. We had a wonderful time meeting more of our future neighbors and eating all the wonderful food. So many interesting people live here!

Although there weren't any other youngsters there, our girls still had a good time. Chloe made friends with our hosts' dog. And don't you love the view off of their back patio?

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