Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Video Taste of Costa Rica

The cold weather has been hitting here (below freezing at night), and my thoughts have been naturally drawn to the warmth of Costa Rica. I've been watching more videos and looking at more pictures on line and wishing so hard I was there! I picked out a couple of videos I took (wish I had taken more--next trip I will!) and thought I'd share them. Maybe they will help you to warm up, too!

First up are leaf cutter ants. They were so fun to watch because you could see their trails go on for quite a while marked by the vibrant green leaves they were carrying.

Now it's time for a beach at sunset. I believe this is Playa Pinuela, which is located between Uvita and Ojochal. Unlike the Central Coast of California, the surfers in Costa Rica don't need wetsuits. Can't wait to do some surfing on our upcoming trip in February!

Next is a 360 degree view of our property. It really doesn't do the view justice, but you'll get a good idea of the area. Sorry the sound isn't too good--the breeze was picked up by the microphone and it sounds louder than it should. Oh well! You can still hear the cicadas above the sound of the wind. The cicadas could get quite noisy.

And lastly, I taped some early morning sounds in Ojochal so that I would be able to listen anytime! The video is not meant to be watched as it's pretty dark--it was taken just as the sun was rising. Instead, turn up the volume, close your eyes, relax, and listen to the abundant wildlife! It's like a free trip to Costa Rica. :-)

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  1. So, over the few entries you have made, I am now very intrigued to hear your Costa Rica Story.

    Your first trip was in Dec 2010, and you own property, and you know where Ojochal is!

    As you know for my blog, we have just completed our home there - are we neighbours?

    Love to hear more -