Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forbes Names Costa Rican Park One of World's Best

We're all familiar with Forbes' famous lists--they seem to have them for everything from "World's Wealthiest People" to "Most Unusual Places to Stay". This time they ranked the top 12 parks in the world, and one of our favorite parks made the list! It's Manuel Antonio Park, which is located on the Central Pacific side of Costa Rica, about an hour or so north of our property. (So when you come visit us, we'll have to take you there!)

Manuel Antonio Park. Picture from
Here's what Forbes had to say:
A century younger than Yosemite, the world’s first national park, Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s smallest national parks. Despite its size, it is also one of the country’s most popular national parks, thanks to its dazzling variety of sights: tropical rainforest, beaches and rocky headlands. Wildlife--including sloths, iguanas and squirrel monkeys--is abundant in the rainforest. Sports enthusiasts can indulge in everything from snorkeling and sea kayaking to horseback riding. (Quoted from
Picture I took of an iguana on Manuel Antonio Beach
We visited Manuel Antonio park on our first trip to Costa Rica last December, and it was one of my favorite days. In fact, the background picture on this blog is from Manuel Antonio!  From the parking area, you walk through the rainforest to get to the beach, so we hired a guide to point out and explain the wildlife along the way.  We saw sloths (both 2 toed and 3 toed), monkeys, colorful caterpillars, many different bird varieties, iguanas, and amazing plant life as we made our way to the beach areas. The beaches (yes, there are more than one, each one better than the last one!) were pristine and some of the beaches had absolutely no one on them. 

One of the beaches at Manuel Antonio
It was a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a good part of the day. Below are some more pictures we took of the sights at Manuel Antonio--enjoy!  If you've been to Manuel Antonio, leave a comment about your favorite thing in the park.


  1. Manuel Antonio is SPECTACULAR! We have spent several weeks there over the years.
    But, the park is in trouble - too many tourist, and development in the area that is confining the animals to the park (breaking up their natural travel paths)

  2. Dan and Lisle, Very sad to hear about too many tourists and the development going on. I know the park does limit the amount of guests every day, but it sounds like more needs to be done to keep it thriving. Maybe we can have a positive impact on that? Any ideas?