Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Mean it's NOT an Island?

Too much Jurassic Park--that's my best guess as to why so many people think Costa Rica is an island. Personally, I haven't seen the movie (I know, how un-American!), but I've heard the story takes place on a fictional island off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. And I'm guessing somehow an island near Costa Rica became Costa Rica in everyone's mind. OR, it could be because everyone slept during their geography classes in school.

Either way, I feel very proud to have always known Costa Rica was not an island and was located somewhere in Central America. (Again, it could be because I haven't yet seen Jurassic Park and had my brain influenced.) I'm not saying I think any less of you if you thought until now that CR was an island. I'm sure there's a country or two out there that I have NO idea where they are or if they are islands or not.

Anyway, I thought I'd bring everyone up-to-date on the exact location of Costa Rica (Costa Rica is green):
And to make things a little easier relationally, here's a map that also includes the US. I've even got an arrow pointing towards CR so you can find it easily.
For those of you interested in a "geography lesson freebie", just to the south-east of the tail of the black arrow above are the Galapagos Islands (those little yellow blobs on the map). I really didn't have much of a clue where those were until my interest in Costa Rica picked up.

Ok, one last map. This is a close-up of Costa Rica, and I've put an arrow pointing to the approximate place where we will be living so you'll know where to go when you want to come visit us.  :-)

So I'm interested to find out if YOU thought CR was an island. I promise no one will laugh at you if you did (at least not very loudly). Please take the poll below--Thanks!

Did you think Costa Rica was an island?
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