Friday, September 9, 2011

Sometimes it's a No-Brainer

We are back to entertaining the idea of leaving for Costa Rica in 2013. That is when our youngest enters high school--a perfect time for transition! (Although she doesn't think so.) My husband has been back to working mandatory 6 day work weeks with hold-over overtime on some of those days as well. Sure the paycheck looks great when it arrives, but my husband is not looking so great. Throw in his weird hours (he's been up at 3:30 am for the last few days) and driving to work (which is an hour away) in ground zero fog and he's a wreck. It wasn't such a problem in his younger days, but it is now. Personally I don't know how he functions on his limited amount of sleep. I think if I were him I would have moved us already.

So what's holding us back from making the decision? I think it boils down to kids and money. We have three girls, but the older two are old enough to be on their own. In fact, the oldest is on her own. However, our youngest DOES NOT want to move. Don't get me wrong, she loves Costa Rica, just doesn't want to live there. It's a friend thing. Sure, we could uproot her right now (and we've thought about it), but she has a way of making life miserable if she's not happy. All you parents of junior high kids know what I mean. We are still trying to decide which misery is worse! lol   Then the money. The longer Gary stays working, the better his retirement. It's scary to just call it quits and know that's it. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! PS--our youngest doesn't know we're considering the move in two years, so please don't tell  her!

So while we ponder what to do, why don't you enjoy this really cool song I came across yesterday that has quickly moved to my favorite. Here's the video:


  1. Hi Sabra,
    not easy trying to move a teenager away from their friends. We did not move that far but Chris still had to change Highschools. He never came with us when we looked at homes in Santa Ynez. He just said: I don't want to move. When we bought the house here in Solvang he did finally come with us to take a look and he started to get excited. (He got the room with the loft). It didn't take long and he made new friends at school and now he is glad that we moved. There was a time where I felt so guilty taking him away from his long time school friends. Don't go there. Miss you all.

  2. Carola, Thanks for your advice! This really is the hardest part for us. I forgot you just went through that all with Chris. Glad he's adjusting well. Kids do bounce back (usually). I think we as parents have a tendency to want to over-protect and feel guilty like you said. I know if we go early, the education she will receive will be so much more than the classroom.

  3. My dear friend,

    I know that as you and Gary continue to follow God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and continue to pray about this subject (which I know you already are)....He will let you know when the time is right...and then only then will you have the peace that surpasses all understanding and baby Rounds ( hee hee don't tell her I called her that) will be just fine. I'm excited to hear about the journey...I just have one request...

    When you move to Costa Rica...will you leave the light on for us? : )

    We love you guys, The Halvorson Family

  4. Hi Tina, Of course we'll leave the light on for you! We sure miss seeing you guys so often. It is great to know that we can leave it all in God's hands. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Well, don't know what to suggest. As one who was moved by my parents some 16 times before high school I can tell you that there is no GOOD time to uproot your daughter from her friends but I can assure you that the older you get the harder it is. It's so much easier to make new friends at 12 than at 15. FYI, you might want to make the acquaintance of our lawer in Uvita, Kristi Pendland, as she was"dragged" here by her parents at the tender age of 13. She is really nice and I'm certain she would be happy to share her insights on the subject. Tough one. Good luck. Jerry & Susanne

  6. Hi Jerry & Susanne, Thanks for chiming in! I agree, it would probably be a lot easier for her to make friends the younger she is. That's really interesting about Kristi having moved there at 13. We probably will stay put here until our daughter is out of high school, it's just that some days I'm sooo ready to go; especially when I see what all the overtime is doing to Gary. Thankfully the overtime should be a temporary (6-9 months or so) thing. I will keep Kristi in mind as a contact if things escalate here. Thanks!